At Lindenow Primary School during first term there is a gradual easing into school routine.

Children grow and mature at different rates, but not all children are ready for school at the same time. Parents can legally defer enrolment for their child until the child is six years old. In Victoria your child needs to have turned 5 on or before the 30th April before he/she can legally start school.

When Enrolling your child you will need to bring the following:

  • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate)

  • Immunisation Certificate from The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

For more information click here to go to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register website.

During first term there is a gradual easing into school routine.  In prep your child will be involved in a very expansive program that includes: Writing, Language Development, Mathematics, Physical Education, Art, Computer, Music, Science, Library, Drama, Health, etc.  



school uniform & requirements

For Essential Education Items & Arts Levy see the Policies and Parent Information page.

Staff and School Council place great importance on the wearing of school uniform by students and it is compulsory.  All uniforms purchased are printed with the school emblem.  Our Sun Smart Policy states that wide brimmed/bucket style hats must be worn during 4th and 1st terms whilst outside school buildings.  Orders for school bags can be placed at the school office. 

All uniform items are available from Nicks in Bairnsdale. 

*Please Note:

Open toe sandals, thongs and slip-ons are not regarded as safe or appropriate for school. Runners or school shoes are the preferred footwear for school. Singlet tops and clothing with inappropriate graphics or wording are not to be worn to school on uniform free days. For reasons of safety, the only type of earring students are permitted to wear to school is the stud type.


bus travellers

A free school bus service is available servicing: Dargo, Fernbank, Walpa, Glenaladale, Hillside/Bairnsdale, Flaggy Creek and Woodglen to eligible travellers (fare paying option is also available, conditions apply). 

Observe the following when meeting your children at the bus stop

  • Wait for them on the same side of the road as the bus stop

  • Don't park in the bus parking area and give the bus plenty of room to get in and out  

  • Park on the same side of the road as the bus (Parking opposite the stop is dangerous as are likely to run across the road to meet you

Varying Bus Travel Arrangements

A note or phone call to the school is required an hour prior to bus departure to vary normal bus travel arrangements – bus rolls are marked each afternoon and bus passes are required from the school office. This is vital for the safety and care of your child.

school lunches


Pack your child a healthy and appetising lunch and play lunch. 

Children should be able to feed themselves, unwrap sandwiches, undo lunch boxes and water containers and peel a piece of fruit. (No glass containers please.) 

Lunch Orders

Lunch orders are available on Fridays only from the local general store and Subway Bairnsdale. Envelopes with clear order and full name for the local shop orders must be placed in the lunch-order box at the school prior to 9.30am. Subway orders are handled via on-line account and must be completed by midnight on Thursday.


The children need to know when and how to wash their hands.  They are expected to be able to visit the toilet independently, and boys need to know how to use the urinal. For younger students, it is advised to send a spare pair of under pants in their school bag.

All children should carry a handkerchief and know how to use it. The school is able to provide tissues for emergencies.

collecting children directly from school

Your child must be collected from the school either by yourself or a parent designated responsible adult. If someone other than a parent is to collect your child, please inform the office or the teacher of the child concerned prior to collection time.

Children leaving early from or arriving late to school must be signed out/in by their parents or guardian. Parents or gurdians are to report to the office first and sign the out/in book which is located in the office .  The classroom teacher will be notified to send student to office .  

school banking

Students have the opportunity to open a Youth Saver Account with the Commonwealth Bank.  Information and account applications are available from the school office. Banking is done each Friday at school and is not compulsory.